mercredi 6 mars 2013

Guest post: Stil Inspiration

Hi, what an honour to do a guest post here at La Maison d'Anna G. My name is Pella Hedeby and I am a Swedish interior designer and freelance stylist. On my blog STIL INSPIRATION I share my daily dose of inspiration on interior design, trends and fine things that make me happy.

Inspired by the glorious light, I had to make a mood installation on IKEA's lovely trolley Råskog.
A favorite, which in the turquoise design brightens up any interior. Collect material in the creative work corner, extra storage in the kitchen, or use it for soaps, lotions and towels in the bathroom.

My spring inspiration goes in powdery shades of pink combined with white, and concrete gray. An austere minimalist interior gets a soft touch with textiles in rough washed linen and delicate structures. And industrial-inspired details such as lighting, an old metal cabinet or for example the trolley Råskog serves as a style breaker to create some excitement and a rough element in the decor.

Styling & photo Pella Hedeby

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